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About this Show

Vox Arcana is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast about game design, philosophy, storytelling, and role playing, from the perspective of three different Dungeon Masters.

William Hollar

"The Worldbuilder"

William is a 4th-generation California native with homeschool roots and a thirst for all things informational. He’s best known for his “punny” humor, his interest in collecting trivia, and more recently, his love for traveling with his wife of two years.

Since he was a child, William has always had a creative gene, making his own comics, short stories, and treasure maps since the age of 7. In college, he discovered his passion for all things board games and improvisation through friends like Jake. Now, a regular month in the life of William usually involves traveling to new states with his wife, working his full time marketing job in Bakersfield, and constantly daydreaming about his next opportunity to dungeon master.

Jake Barton

"The Roleplayer"

Jake has been a history buff for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Central California, he fell in love with podcasts when he angstily decided that pop music was overrated. He eventually moved to Kentucky for college, where he studied communication and soon met his lovely wife. It was in his senior year of college that he decided to create a podcast of his own. Jake is currently transitioning into being a full-time podcaster and part-time dungeon master.

David McPherson

"The Strategist"

David is a big kid. Literally and figuratively. When he was an actual kid, he enjoyed playing baseball and reading “science-y” books. In high school, he seriously got into board games, and later, D&D.

If he’s not running Mafia for large groups, he can be found playing PUBG, or trolling his friends in every conceivable medium. He currently lives in Bakersfield, California, but he hopes to travel the world someday soon.


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