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About this Show

The Podience is the flagship show of Orbital Jigsaw, bringing podcasters the information they crave, direct from the source!  This show contains interviews with some of the top vendors and developers in podcasting, with Founder & CEO Nick Howell asking the questions that podcasters want answers to.  Inside scoops and behind-the-scenes information, why things happen the way they do, and insider tips on how best to make your podcast a success!

Nick Howell


Nick Howell is the Founder of Orbital Jigsaw Productions.  He is a true geek at heart, and after spending 20 years doing high tech things for Silicon Valley, has found a home behind a microphone as an avid podcaster and voiceover artist. He can be found in the wild escorting the payload in Overwatch or at various cinemas throughout Los Angeles taking in a movie.


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