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About this Show

Supernerds UK Podcast is a pop culture magazine show based in Merseyside. Since starting up in 2015, the show has gradually evolved into its current format, combining film reviews, features, and games shows with interviews with some truly iconic names. Each episode is a cavalcade of pop culture mayhem, packed with a lot of laughs and some great features. Whether they’re going “In Defence Of…” a critically maligned film, or choosing a film or TV show from a streaming service for a “Netpix” watch along, each episode of the Supernerds UK Podcast always aims to get the listener involved in the discussion!



Ben is a comic reader and huge fan of cinema, growing up in the 90’s when Schwarzenegger was king of the box office and dinosaurs ruled the earth. A former musician, Ben spent the 2000’s playing up and down the country but traded his bass in for a microphone, joining Supernerds UK as a podcaster and film reviewer.


"Nick Fury" of the SuperNerds UK

Ian loves podcasting and was the Nick Fury to the Supernerds UK Avengers, forming the team in Summer 2015. “It’s the highlight of my week” says the self described 80’s film geek “whether I’m getting to interview one of my heroes or facing off against one of the guys in Magic Mic, I love being a SuperNerd!”



Tim is the oldest and he would say wisest of the team! The tech guy and editor of the show, Tim is an audiophile even getting himself THX certified! Tim is an avid gamer spending years working for Sony testing PlayStation games. His hobbies include Gaming, Home Cinema & collecting films. Tim is a fan of all genres of film but scifi and action are his favorites.


Gaming Guru

Simon is the team’s gaming guru. A fan of video games both old and new, Simon has a passion for anything with pixels, polygons and processors. Into Sci Fi and Anime, Simon also has a talent for analysing and discussing film.


Graphic Design/Art Director

John is the designer and art director for and does all of the graphic design for the team. A gamer and film fan, John is a toy collector and artist.


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