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Join our hosts as they explore mysteries, myths, and legends designed for all ages.



Paris is in high school in coastal New South Wales. Being the eldest, she loves spoiling her younger cousins and siblings and is often reading them books or telling them spooky stories. She loves all things creepy and spends hours researching into creepypastas, mythical creatures and hauntings.

But it isn’t all just the scary and the macabre, Paris also plays several sports with her favourite being playing on her local girls rugby team.

Xander James


Xander James is a high school student in the Midwest. When not at home with his big, crazy family or on his computer PC gaming, Xander can generally be found on the stage. He has performed feature roles in Shrek the Musical, Leap of Faith, and Once on the Island. His favorite roles include a drunken Falstaff in a Shakespeare parody and Glenn in Neil Simon’s Rumors.


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