#28 New Blue


Has the sky always been blue?

It seems like a ridiculous thought. But there may be more to the question than meets the eye. From sapphires to blue jeans, this week’s Historium digs deep into the history of the color blue.

-Keetley by OK Ikumi
-Do What You are Doing by Dexter Britain
-Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley
-Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey
-Blue Ridge Mountains by Fleet Foxes
-Mr. Blue Sky by ELO
-Blue Moon by Frank Sinatra
-Observing Wonder by Dexter Britain
-Lacrymae by Melodium
-Vertigo by Melodium
-September Song by Agnes Obel
-The Evil that Never Arrived by Stars of the Lid
-Feel So Sad by Spiritualized

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