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About this Show

Celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly of all things movies, Film Roast brings unscripted humor, insight and really bad character impressions to films both old and new every week.

Film Roast was created by college friends Julia Feeser York and Hannah Ostic who bonded over a shared love of movies and the belief that all things are a little better when coffee (which isn’t the only type of  “roast” this show offers) is involved. While initially Film Roast was meant to be a YouTube series, Julia and Hannah transitioned their show to a podcast in early 2017 and have been overcaffeinated and underqualified ever since.

Film Roast is divided into three segments: Main Volumes, Coffee Corner, and Mini Movie Moments. In Main Volumes, Julia and Hannah focus on one theme (such as terrifying scenes from children’s movies) and discuss their favorite (or least favorite) movies surrounding that topic. Coffee Corner brings listeners shorter segment focusing on current events in pop culture, entertainment or movie news. And looking for a quick review of the latest movies in theaters? Mini Movie Moments has you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned movie buff or just that person who loves to rant about the latest film franchise, Film Roast is the podcast for what people love to talk about when they talk about movies.

Hannah Ostic


A Seattle native, Hannah grew up loving Starbucks coffee, Saturday Night Live, and Seahawks football. She has always held a large passion for sports playing basketball throughout college until 3 knee surgeries caused her to pursue other interests. For the last 5 years, Hannah has been working in advertising sales and creative for various agencies around the Pacific Northwest and more recently in Phoenix, Arizona.

She fell in love with movies from a young age, having parents who were films lovers and two older sisters who were constantly fluent in movie quotes. Some of her favorites include Silence of the Lambs, Mrs. Doubtfire, and every film in the Alien franchise (yes even the third). She bought a Nikon camera in college and pursued independent filmmaking and photography which she still does from time to time. When she’s not podcasting or working on ad creative, you can find her glued to Netflix with her boyfriend Tim and dog Mac.

Julia York


Julia is a writer living in Spokane, WA. Her love of all things movies began as early as four years old when she watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast so many times that she memorized every line (and has the home video to prove it!). Some of her favorite movies today include The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Alien, The Sixth Sense and Titanic (sorry, but it’s peak young Leonardo DiCaprio).

When she’s not podcasting it up, Julia enjoys travelling with her husband (she has literally flown around the world!), drinking whiskey sours, and looking up trivia to any movie she has ever watched.


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