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History can be hilarious and is ever-changing. There are new discoveries all the time that continuously give fresh and interesting commentary. Learning the personal and intimate details about historical figures gives a deeper understanding of the motivation behind their actions that helped shape society for generations, and gives humanity what can sometimes seem like unrelatable historic figures. It’s also entertaining as hell to imagine people typically portrayed in a stately manner doing the equivalent of drunkenly calling out all their friends on twitter….I’m looking at you, John Wilmot. Learn how Warren G Harding nicknamed his genitals, or how Anthony Comstock had an enormous influence on the United States’ puritanical views on sex!

Each week, join me for casual re-tellings of the sexy, scandalous, and salacious stories your history teacher likely left out while my husband, George, takes care of all the tech stuff and occasionally weighs in with the proper use of a naughty word.

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