#42 Atomic Blonde Ambition


The boys weigh in on Atomic Blonde, Nick binges Ozark, and Andy poop emoji’s himself playing Friday the 13th. HBO gets hacked, Niantic is getting Pika-sued over their debacle in Chicago, and Doomfist makes his debut in Overwatch.

Clooney channels his inner-Soderbergh, Renner gets a leading role, Batffleck signs a new 3-picture deal for a Batman trilogy, and a certain WWE Superstar is rebooting an 80s classic.

In this episode, we take a trip to The Lobby to discuss the history and current state of Action Movies, why we love the 80s & 90s, where they’ve been for the last 20 years, and how we might be seeing the resurgence of the genre.

This and much, much more!

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