#29 WWE Monday Night RAW | 09OCT2017


The Shield reunion has been teased for weeks, will we see it happen tonight?  Will Kalisto make an impact in the Cruiserweight Division? Will Mickie James continue to fight back against the “Raw Mean Girls?” Where does Braun Strowman fit into this whole picture?

Raw opens with MizTV and special guests [at this time], The Bar … is this a long-term alliance we see brewing?  Will we finally understand what the hell is happening with Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt?

And coming up in 2 weeks, Tables Ladders & Chairs!

PSA: We are going on vacation next week, so there will be no shows. We figured this would be the best time to do this before TLC and before we get into the holidays!  We will be back on Tuesday, October 24th with our TLC Recap and RAW shows!

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