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Grab a beer, listen for the bell, and get ready to be power-bombed through a table!  Nick & Sir Ian Dangerous take you on a weekly journey through the hottest news in Sports Entertainment and the world of Professional Wrestling! Recaps of RAW, SmackDown Live, and NXT, and why it matters to you, as well as in-depth analysis of every PPV and our fantasy bookings and predictions. This is one Wrestling podcast you do NOT want to miss!  Oh it’s true…. it’s DAMN true!

Nick Howell


Nick Howell is the Creator of Orbital Jigsaw, the home of a podcast network.  He is a true geek at heart, and after spending 20 years doing high tech things for Silicon Valley, has found a home behind a microphone as an avid podcaster and voiceover artist. He can be found in the wild escorting the payload in Overwatch or at various cinemas throughout Los Angeles taking in a movie.

Sir Ian Dangerous


Ian Malcolm (nicknamed Sir Ian Dangerous long ago by a drinking buddy who got sent home so drunk he forgot his wife’s name) is a carousing jack-of-all-trades based in Los Angeles, California. When he’s not catching up on the graps, he is performing in his bands House of Rabbits or The Milky Way. When he grows up, Ian wants to be an octopus wrangler, but for now he can be found mastering his craft as an L.A. cliche.

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