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The seeds of 410wned were planted way back in 2007, when friends and co-workers Dakar and Kevin got the idea to start getting into this podcasting business by setting up a laptop in the kitchen of Kevin’s parents’ house. What better subject to discuss than their ultimate passion: video games. Along the way, they recruited other various close friends and hardcore gamers, including Tom early on and then Jack later down the road, and existed for several years under a different name with many faces joining the crew week in and week out. These years were the stepping stones of what would come to be, and helped them get their rookie mistakes out of the way.

As the dust settled, years passed, and the group took a hiatus to sort out their personal lives. In 2015, the group reunited under a new name, and with a new vision. The show needed an identity, and what better way to introduce ourselves to our audience than to let them know up front who we are, where we are, and who and what we represent. Tom pitched the 410wned name, and it stuck. Dak was the one who stood up and got the band back together. Kevin brought his technical savvy and provided priceless feedback. Jack contributed his artistic talents to designing various imagery. Matt came on board and lit a fire up everyone’s ass to get high quality “real deal” audio equipment. And Billy Ray schooled us on how to produce audio and make a video game podcast with a bunch of dudes sound as sexy as that can possibly be.

410wned has a simple mission statement: we love games, and we love sharing our discussions about games with you, no holds barred. Our goal is to give you a place where you can be proud to be a gamer, or if you’re not a gamer, make you wish you were. Regardless, if you can hear our voices, you have a voice of your own…410wned.

Let the games begin!

Jack Warner

"Mr Angry Consumer"

They should really call him “Jacky Finger,” because there’s only one finger (you know the one) this man likes to aim at the corporate big wigs steering the ship of the video game industry. Jack joined the 410wned crew halfway through the group’s previous iteration, and has quickly established himself as the official host and the guy most likely to get enraged by each show’s conclusion. His refusal to accept the greedy, money-grubbing tactics that far too often influence our favorite hobby may seem stubborn, but it’s important to remember that we all embrace this hobby as a way to escape the evils of this world. If you consider money the root of said evils, it’s hard not to agree with his principles (even if you don’t agree with the specific minutiae).

A former Game Stop manager and exceptionally talented artist, Jack’s free time is occupied by sharing epic gaming moments with his girlfriend (also an avid gamer), and composing impressive works of art in various forms, such as gaming inspired cosplay attire, and drawings crafted by his own hand. Although his passion for gaming is all encompassing, his true areas of expertise are stealth franchises such as Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell, and narrative driven games that present though provoking themes, such as Bioshock and Dead Space.

Oh, and BIKES!

Matthew Dunnigan

"Mr Think Tank"

410wned “took the next step” in the podcasting realm thanks to Matt, the source of inspiration who wouldn’t settle for less. Always thinking of ways to improve and make the best podcast possible, Matt gave the group their drive to upgrade their audio quality, equipment, and (by virtue of those elements) their entire swagger.

Matt is always thinking outside of the box, and giving the group new ideas for topics and segments with a creative vigor that rewards listeners with audio treats. His diverse taste in gaming mirrors the diversity of topics that he uses to enhance engagement, spanning a variety of perspectives that influence gaming such as philosophy, ethics, politics, and popular topics of debate.

When he’s not 410wn’ing your ear drums, Matt participates in a film-influenced side project podcast on a weekly basis, enjoys the freshly squeezed feels of fatherhood by spending time with his son, and fights the good fight for Conan The Barbarian: The Video Game being next in line to get a Next Gen remake.

Kevin Zerner

"Mr Corporate"

They say when he exited the womb, the cord they cut was actually a component cable, not an umbilical cord. Kevin is another “OG” member of the show that formed a decade ago, and the most well rounded gamer of the group (seriously, he’ll play anything.)

Kevin also manages to bring precise focus on every drive, even when it’s 3rd and long. Kevin has a knack for keeping the guys grounded by serving the constant reminder that gaming is not only a hobby, but likewise a business, which leads to entertaining exchanges that you won’t hear on any other podcast. Although the odds of Kevin playing “LEGO: Popular Film Franchise: The Video Game” are just as high as him playing the latest FPS hotness, no fire burns greater within Kevin than the Mass Effect franchise and anything Bioware and/or X-Box related.

A veteran of the IT world and a technical wizard, Kevin spends his time away from the podcast playing lots of video games with his new fiancé (who also listens to the show) and teaching people where the “Any” key is located on their keyboard.

Contrary to popular belief, Kevin does not work for Microsoft, but as long as the subject is “video games,” Kevin will work with you.

Dakar "Dak" Huntley

"Mr PR"

A video game podcasting veteran who has shared his voice for nearly a decade, Dak is the heart and soul of the hype machine that powers 410wned. He’s as passionate about sharing the group’s content as he is helping to create it, always spreading the word to attract new listeners and ensure the show reaches the largest possible audience.

An avid film enthusiast and devoted father, Dak somehow manages to balance multiple projects on a weekly basis, always eager to offer critiques and impressions regarding any hot button video game and/or cinema subject matter. Although any genre is fair game, Dak’s areas of expertise are sports games, first person shooters, or any narrative driven, cinematic experience that sets the bar for immersion in the video game medium.

Think Nathan Drake and Captain Price playing football while exchanging wisecracks.

With guns.


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