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As a longtime fan of horror films, I tend to take my scary movies a bit too seriously. I lean into the hype. I pick apart each scene while my wife half listens to my armchair critical reviews. I’m the kind of horror fan that doesn’t take a review seriously unless it has a major publication behind it.

Yeah. I’m that guy.

So when I read the tag line for Nightmare on Film Street …

“the horror movie podcast hosted by two horror movie nuts with zero credibility”

… you could practically hear my eyes roll anywhere within a fifteen mile radius.

Then I listened to the show.

Not only do Jon and Kim have the credentials necessary to put on a great show about horror movies, they have the only credentials that really matter; they love scary movies and have seen a ton of them. That is evident by their frequent references to movies outside of the horror sub-genre they are covering and by the insights they illuminate by connecting contemporary horror to its influences, both classic and parallel.

How They Stand Out

Nightmare on Film Street understands better than any horror film podcast that horror isn’t always meant to be taken seriously, and that the line between horror and comedy is razor thin. Kim and Jon walk that razor’s edge perfectly. They have enough analysis to be taken seriously and the right amount of humor, personality, and genuine care for the genre to make this a must listen to podcast for any horror fan.

Recently I listened to a new episode where Jon and Kim compare 28 Days Later and 30 Days of Night (they joke about the films being connected by numbered days). What followed was an insightful discussion about what makes a zombie a true zombie, some of the finer points of the mental state necessary to kill a loved one that you know is turning into a monster, and a hilarious excoriation of Josh Hartnett’s chops as a leading man. Even for someone that takes their frights much too seriously, my guard came down so fast it made my head spin as I laughed along with Kim and Jon.

They achieved for me what every good podcast does — it felt like I was sitting in the room with them listening. If this podcast is scripted, they are incredible voice actors, and if it’s improvised they have developed a cadence to their conversation that bubbles with excitement one moment and crashes with laughter the next. It never feels like anyone is dominating the conversation or stepping on the other’s ideas. That’s not to say they agree on everything, but they take their disagreements as seriously as one should and have no trouble entertaining the other’s view on a movie.

Jon and Kim have great chemistry that shines through each episode. In the end, they could discuss anything — and it would likely be entertaining — but their love of horror flicks shines bright and gives Nightmare on Film Street that something extra. The clear labor of love and genuine enthusiasm for their subject puts this show among my favorite podcasts.

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