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Eye for an Eye is a true crime podcast that covers a variety of relatively well-known cases, and some lesser known ones as well, with a focus on analyzing whether or not the punishment fits the crime.  The show is hosted by Lisa and Matt, two childhood best friends who have channeled their mutual interest in true crime and punishment into their show.

Each episode is akin to sitting around and having a casual conversation amongst friends about fascinating (often times gruesome) subject matter, but hey, that’s what we true crime fanatics live for, am I right?  Lisa and Matt each bring to us a somewhat different look at crime stories many of us have already heard before, so if you look up their show and you see names and crimes you’ve seen before, I assure you it’s worth a moment to pick one or two that are most fascinating to you and give them a try.

Lisa, who self-admittedly obsesses over all of these cases, weaves you through the ins-and-outs of each story.  Each episode is thoroughly researched, and while sometimes things tend to sway off-topic, she quickly draws you back in and takes you through the story start to finish. You really get the sense that she knows these crimes backwards and forwards, as she admitted in their episode on Luka Magnotta (the Canadian pornographic/cannibal killer who dismembered and defiled his victim while filming the whole thing and uploaded onto the internet in an effort to make himself famous). She knows all the details of these cases by heart.

Matt, who brings his expertise of an educational background in Criminal Justice, often chimes in during the telling of the crime. As the two of them begin their deep dive into the punishment aspect of the crimes, he is able to effectively inject his wealth of knowledge when it comes to the legal aspect of sentencing and punishment.  It opens up the opportunity for Lisa and Matt to debate and banter about who’s right and who’s wrong, and they are all-too-willing to want to bring the listener in on the discussion as they don’t always agree with one another.

But that’s what’s key to their show — it can be thought-provoking, causing you to look at the same situation from very different perspectives.  And of course, it must be said that Lisa and Matt are adamant about maintaining a level of respect for victims and their families as well as for issues surrounding mental illness and how those who struggle with it are treated by the justice system and society as a whole.  With each episode, Lisa and Matt use their platform to highlight resources available for those who might be in need of help or know someone who is, which is something I truly appreciate!

How They Stand Out

Since their launch in October 2017, Lisa and Matt have consistently brought both full length episodes, as well as a smattering of bonus content. So, if you are just discovering this show, like me, then you have plenty of material to binge on.  Their full-length episodes are often upwards of 1 ½ hours long, but it definitely flows from these two quite naturally and shines through in their chemistry. They also pepper in audio clips of related news reports from each case, as well as insert some periodically throughout to help give the story context.  Right from the beginning, Lisa and Matt started off strong with OJ Simpson and have been full-steam-ahead ever since.

I should mention that some listeners may take issue with the quality of the audio (there might be a mild echo from the room they record it) but it is certainly not a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned!  Lisa is very talkative, and if you’re a stickler for grammar, she might on occasion stumble over a word here or there, but she knows it and will be the first to point it out to you!  Matt brings an easy-going balance to the show, and I find him to be well-informed and thought-provoking.  They do not skimp on the details, no matter how gruesome, or the language and the occasional F-bomb, so this show is NSFW or for young ears.

Overall, Eye for an Eye is a gem of a podcast, Lisa and Matt are funny, charming, and quite engaging.  If you’re like me and you have friends in your everyday life that would think you’re weird because you find so much pleasure in discussing the worst of the worst, the most gruesome of gruesome of criminals out there, then look no further than Lisa and Matt on the Eye for and Eye podcast.  They’ll certainly fill that void in every true crime fan out there.

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