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Every week, there is tons and tons of news to cover in the world of Entertainment, or better #Geektainment, centered around TV & Movies, Video Games, and overall pop/geek culture!  Nick and Andy bring you a high-energy, fast-paced 1-hour weekly show full of quips, jokes, and updates on all of these things! Strap-in folks, because you’re in for a ride!

Nick Howell


Nick Howell is the Founder of Orbital Jigsaw Productions, the home of a startup podcast network and host to some of the brightest up-and-coming streamers.  He is a true geek at heart, and after spending 20 years doing high tech things for Silicon Valley, has found a home behind a microphone as an avid podcaster and voiceover artist. He can be found in the wild escorting the payload in Overwatch or at various cinemas throughout Los Angeles taking in a movie.

Andy Nelson


Andy Nelson has spent the last two decades directing cast and crews behind the camera in some of the biggest reality tv productions in Hollywood. When he’s not traveling the world on-location of some shoot, he eats, sleeps, and breathes comic book universes, is an avid gamer, and always a big kid at the movies.

Episodes list

#35 Hurry Up and Wait
#35 Hurry Up and Wait May 5, 2017 Time between theatrical and digital releases is shrinking, and prices for games are dropping within weeks of initial release.  Are we as consumers being too hasty and feeding into hype, [...]
#34 Race to the Finish
#34 Race to the Finish April 28, 2017 Racing Games have been a mainstay of video gaming for decades, but as they have evolved, how have they changed? Andy watches The Expanse, Nick watches Bill Nye Saves the [...]
#33 Believe the Hype
#33 Believe the Hype April 20, 2017 Hype has become a normal everyday part of life, but does it ever get to be too much? Are we just getting so numb that it requires even MORE hype [...]
#32 Modern Classics
#32 Modern Classics April 13, 2017 In 20 years from now, what tv, movie, and video game content of today will be considered classics?  Which do you envision your children going back and revisiting? Thor Ragnarok [...]
#31 Going Long
#31 Going Long April 7, 2017 How long is too long for a movie? And should that be a sole make-or-break reason of why you should or should not see a film? Andy has a Wrestlemania [...]
#30 Under Review
#30 Under Review March 30, 2017 Tired of being misled by subjective reviews? We are too. Mass Effect launched and Destiny 2 is officially announced, Beauty & The Beast is crushing it, the Hulu Live beta [...]
#29 The Madness of March
#29 The Madness of March March 17, 2017 This week, Nick and Andy discuss how March is a gateway to the year of geekdom, and not just a basketball tournament. Vudu coming to AppleTV, Google launches an expensive Smart [...]
#28 Data Dump
#28 Data Dump March 10, 2017 This week, Nick and Andy discuss how all carriers now offer unlimited data plans, and how this changes the way consumers consume content.  Nick is fascinated with Horizon Zero Dawn, [...]
#27 Game Changer
#27 Game Changer March 3, 2017 With both XBox GamePass and PS Now, are we headed to a digital subscription “Netflix for video games” world? We say farewell to Bill Paxton, Nick loses his mind over [...]
#26 Shadow of the Bat
#26 Shadow of the Bat February 24, 2017 Batman has been around for almost 80 years, and still is one of the most prolific pop-culture icons ever. Nick and Andy break down why this is, as well as [...]
#25 Islands in the Stream
#25 Islands in the Stream February 16, 2017 With so many streaming options and solutions, how do you know which is best for you? What does the future of streaming look like? With all of the big networks [...]
#24 We’re Getting Board
#24 We’re Getting Board February 10, 2017 Board games bring people and families together. But as the classics turn digital, a whole new crop of social card and tabletop games are appearing. Super Bowl commercials recap, 470M-year-old [...]
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